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K-12 Youth Education

Enhance your classroom, Boy/Girl Scout meetings, or Career Day with a visit from Paws Humane. Our Humane Educator will visit your students, delivering age-appropriate presentations which will cover humane education through lessons and activities. Our Humane Education program helps students spread and practice compassion and kindness in addition to respect for animals, people and our environment.

Programs are FREE of charge, but participants may donate from our Wish List . For information on the following humane education programs, please contact our Humane Education Coordinator at


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Kind Choices: Animals in Need

Available for: Kindergarten- 2nd Grade
This program is designed to gently introduce the principles of companion animal care, respect and welfare related issues to our youngest students. Through interactive presentations in a variety of animal related topics, students will engage their feelings of compassion for those animal subjects by exercising their empathy and through discussion and reflection.

Safety & Respect: Understanding Body Language

Available for: 3rd Grade & 4th Grade

Students will utilize their skills in understanding and reading body language in both people and animals through visual role playing and class interaction. We will discuss cat and dog safety, dog bite prevention, and student experiences with the animals in their own lives. Through conversation and student response, we will help students to ponder positive alternatives to diffusing conflict and enact their empathy and compassion for the lives of other beings. 

Language, Empathy & Kindness: Influencing Your World

Available for: 5th Grade & 6th Grade
Students will learn about age appropriate animal related issues we work with at Paws Humane and in animal welfare including spay and neuter programs, animal adoption and rehoming, and animal emergencies. Through discussion, a visual presentation and reflective activity, students will learn about the emotional lives of animals and the meaning of being an advocate of positive change for both people and animals.

Circle of Compassion

Available for: 7th through 12th Grade
Students will explore the idea of empathy while they distinguish who they include in their circle of compassion. Objectification of both people and animals will be introduced as well as the consequences of such actions, such as puppy mills, dog tethering, and factory farming. Finally, students will learn what they can do to make a positive difference for those being oppressed.

Campus Tours

Bring a group of scouts, students, or friends to Paws Humane. Our Outreach Coordinator will take you on a tour of our beautiful 22,000 square foot facility. You will get to visit our Vet Clinic, Adoption Center, play yards, and even behind the scenes in the back where all the magic happens. Groups will even get a visit from one of Paws very own doggy residents.


Humane Education classes help fulfill our mission to rescue and save the lives of homeless animals and promote understanding, compassion and responsibility. We appreciate donations to help us continue this work. For information or to schedule your humane education event or campus tour, contact our Humane Education Coordinator at or 706-660-5932.


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