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Fundraising Tips for Adults |

Fundraise For PAWS

There are plenty of other great fun ideas that have been used to attract crowds, and more importantly, much-needed funds along with a rewarding experience.

Start a golf tournament. Charge a small entrance fee and contact local business to sponsor the tournament as a whole, as well as smaller sponsors for each hole. Whole or hole, it will create a buzz in the community. Spectators will want to enjoy the afternoon, paying a small fee, not to mention the refreshments you will be selling all day.

Parades. If your community has an annual parade, whether it’s a summertime Fourth of July parade or a wintertime Holiday parade, team up with the parade sponsor for an added pet parade. Who doesn’t love their pets and who doesn’t love a parade? What a perfect mix. Local businesses will be sure to want to sponsor you.

Yappy Hours. You heard that right. Yappy hours. You enjoy chilling after a long day of work. Why not your dog, too? All while raising some much needed funds. Get a local restaurant or two to donate some money for doggie treats and some human treats as well. Then, throw a little party in a restaurant or café with some outdoor space and charge an entrance fee.

Fundraising Tips for Adults

Fundraising Ideas for Businesses


Jeans/Casual Day. For a donation, employees will dress casual on a designated day.

Team Spirit Day. For a donation, employees can wear a jersey/t-shirt/sweatshirt/cap of their favorite sports team.

Collect “Extra Change”. Collect change near the register in the cafeteria, lunch room or conference room.

Prize Drawing. For a donation of a specific dollar amount, each donor is entered into a drawing for gift certificates, prime parking space or tickets.

Food/Beverage Sale. Cookies, donuts, bagels, popcorn, muffins, hot dogs, pizza, ice cream, smoothies, etc. always go over very well! Sell homemade dog treats for all the four-legged friends!

Break a Balloon Contest. Buy a dart for $1-$5 and throw it at a wall of balloons to collect the prize inside. Prizes can include casual days, prime parking sports, free lunch, and gift certificates.

Recognition Day. Sell balloons, cupcakes, flowers, cards, etc. to be given to a co-worker on a designated day as a show of thanks or appreciation.

Lunch in. Encourage employees to bring lunch for a week (or see if a company will supply) & donate savings.

Jail a Manager. Place a management employee “under arrest,” charging $1-$5 a minute to keep him/her in jail.

Executive Dunk Tank or Pie Throwing Event. Employees make a donation for each toss.

Relaxation Day. Bring in a massage therapist to perform neck and back massages for a donation.

“Etiquette Rules”. Fine co-workers a $1 or $5 donation for arriving late, not turning off cell phones, having side conversations, bad words, etc.

Auctions. Employees procure or donate items for live, silent or online auctions.

Manager Cook-Out. For a $10 donation, employees dine on food prepared by the management team.