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Gifts can be made in memory of a loved one, a pet, and in honor of beloved family and friends to celebrate birthdays or anniversaries. Please consider making a special occasion or holiday gift in honor of your loved ones this year. PAWS Humane is a non-profit organization working to solve the ever-growing animal overpopulation issue, to educate the public on animal welfare, and to build programs and services that will help our community. We are not funded by your tax dollars or government grants.  We rely solely on private gifts, from people just like you, for the majority of our income.  Your kind contributions will help to ensure that the homeless pets in our shelter receive the best care possible, and that our humane education, and other PAWS community outreach programs continue to grow and benefit both people and animals. Your generosity will help make PAWS Humane the leading force to stamp out animal abuse and overpopulation. 

If you have questions on your donation, please contact Mary at 706-660-5925 or

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