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Passed By Pets |

Passed By Pets

We need your help! These adorable pets are available for adoption, but for one reason or another, have been in our care the longest. While our average length of stay is usually around 35 days, we do have some animals that have been passed by for far longer than that, making those pets our longest term residents. If you wish to meet any of our long term residents, please drop by during our hours of operations: Monday-Friday 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Sunday 12-5 p.m. For more information, please call 706-660-5920 or email



Cary Grant Has Nothing on Me

He may not have long hair as the original Sampson, but he is just as handsome. Sampson could be part German Shepherd or Blue Heeler. No one knows for sure. But whatever his breed(s), he is a devilishly handsome chap with a charming and playful personality—that is, once you get on his right side.

Sampson picks his humans carefully, allowing only a few in his esteemed inner circle. We can’t exactly pinpoint what makes you “in” or “out” in his world. Gender and hats may play a role, but not consistently. Surely, anyone worthy who truly wants to be “in” would eventually be granted admittance. Strangers, however, may always pose a threat to Sampson’s level of serenity.

He may think it’s his job to protect his human from other people, but he seems to love other dogs. We think Sampson would do very well in a home with a mature, calm and confident dog.

This dog is a complex creature, and as such he needs a savvy and patient adopter who would welcome the challenge and the accomplishment, dignity and satisfaction that come from overcoming difficulties. If you rescue Sampson, he will rescue you right back.


Gladiator Seeks Gladiator

“Are you not entertained?” asked Maximus in “Gladiator,” one of the most entertaining movies ever. If a name ever fit a dog, this is it.

Yes, we are entertained! Maximus is smart, funny, lively and bold. He is brimming with personality and joy. Yet, he has been in and out of the shelter for almost two years. Why? Because, like most of us, and like any bright dog, Maximus gets bored without a purpose. This handsome gladiator needs exercise of body and mind. He is well-trained and ready for further training. He would be a great dog for an ex-cop with K9 experience, a retired veteran, a produce farmer, an avid hiker—someone seeking an adventure buddy and loyal companion.

The ideal home for Maximus would have a large fenced-yard and doggy siblings to play with—no cats or livestock. His ideal human would be someone who loves to work hard, play hard and cuddle on the couch after a day of fun.

One day in a confined room for an active dog like Maximus is too long. Imagine almost two years. Please help us share his story and find his forever home.


Just Look Into My Eyes

The first thing you will notice when you see Dukes is his beautiful coat, enthusiasm and affectionate eyes. The last thing you will notice is that he has three legs. Dukes is not bothered by it, so don’t let it bother you.

Dukes is an energetic and playful dog who doesn’t need a fourth leg to take walks, fetch toys or play rough with other dogs. He is treat-motivated and eager to please his humans. He knows basic commands such as “sit” and “down.”

One way to Dukes heart is neck and belly rubs. He loves attention, but he also gives attention. Do you know how some dogs have a way of communicating with their eyes? One steady gaze, and you can almost hear what they are thinking, what they want, what they are trying to tell you. When Dukes looks at you, you feel seen. His eyes can tell you a story, if you look close enough.

This is a fun, lovely dog that will enhance your life. Not sure? Take him on a doggy date with you first. You might just fall in love.

Roscoe Jenkins

Laughing Out Loud!

Come on, look at that face! Ladies and gentlemen, meet Roscoe Jenkins! There’s something about Roscoe . . . he can make you laugh by just sitting there. Maybe he was a stand up comedian in a previous life.

This funny boy came to us all the way from Jacksonville, Florida, after Hurricane Irma hit. Because he was picked up as a stray at the time, we have no background information on him. Roscoe Jenkins was very shy when he came to PAWS but has since warmed up and is loving the spotlight. He likes squeaky toys, brisk walks and rubs, and he takes treats like a gentleman. He is very alert and interested in whatever is happening around him.

As we have gotten to know him better, we have learned that while he is a sweetheart, an adult-only home would be best for him. So far he has shown to not care much for cats. A meet-and-greet with any potential canine siblings is highly recommended.

If you could use a bit more laughter and excitement in your life, Roscoe Jenkins may be your guy. After surviving the storm, he deserves a stable home.

To donate to the care of these selected pets that are passed by far too often, or ANY of our adoptable animals, please click here. Every little bit helps!