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Welcome to the PAWS Humane Adoption Family!

Congratulations on adding your newest family member! You’ve joined a very special family – a group of animal lovers who have decided to bring one of our wonderful pets into your home. There is nothing more precious than the gift of life – and by adopting you have given just that.

And now, we want to do everything we can to help make your adoption experience the best it can possibly be, and get this new special relationship started off right. Just for you, we’ve gathered together the most useful offers and most valuable information we could find. We are very selective about the organizations we team with, and you in turn can rest assured that PAWS Humane has carefully selected the best of the best in order to make your new life with your new pet all that it can be.

Below you’ll find links to great information that comes with one of our adoptions, as well as information on our partners, and valuable help on practical aspects of introducing your new pet into your home, and giving it a healthy and happy life. Enjoy!

If you have any questions regarding your adoptions, please email or call 706-565-0035.

Helpful Links for Adopters:

Tips on bringing home an adult dog: New Adult Dog

Tips on house training your new pet: House Training

Tips on teaching your dog to walk on a leash: Walking on a Leash

Tips on animals with a fear of people: Fear of People

Tips on leaving your animals home alone: Home Alone

Tips on cat socialization: How to Socialize your Cat

Toxic Foods Guide for Pets: What Not to Feed Dogs and Cats

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