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If Not For You

At Paws Humane Society, our mission is to be a resource to companion animals and the people who love them. The product of a merger between the Muscogee County Humane Society and PAWS Columbus, we have been at this for nearly 40 years. To maximize our effectiveness, we...

World Rabies Day

We don’t hear about rabies too often in the U.S. because, since 1960, almost all cases occur in wildlife, primarily bats and raccoons. Prior to this, however; it was not uncommon for our own pets to transmit this dread disease to their humans. We can thank our county,...

You Either Like them or You Don’t

After more than six years in the field I’ve come to the conclusion that there is nothing more controversial in companion animal welfare than the problem of unowned cats. These guys are everywhere and from what I can tell there are two distinct, and diametrically...

We Stand Up for the Five Freedoms

Paws Humane Society, like all animal shelters and boarding facilities in Georgia, is licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture.  Many states do not require inspections and licensing of facilities within their jurisdictions.  Unfortunately, this allows more...


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