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People Helping Animals, Animals Helping People

About Us |

PAWS Columbus, Inc. and The Muscogee County Humane Society merged together to form PAWS Humane in January of 2009, just after the completion of our new Adoption Center in November of 2008. PAWS Humane is a non-profit organization that receives no city, state or government funding, and we rely solely on the private support and contributions from concerned citizens of our community. PAWS Humane is a nonprofit organization in partnership with the City of Columbus to enhance and supplement the services offered by Columbus Animal Care and Control, reduce the need for euthanasia of homeless animals because of severe pet overpopulation, and bring people and animals together through adoption and fostering programs. PAWS Humane is committed to providing the money needed to assure that our community has:

  • A homeless pet sanctuary shelter and finding a loving, compatible home for every adoptable animal.
  • Affordable spay/neuter services to encourage the sterilization of our domestic and feral animals. Over time, this will reduce the severe pet overpopulation problem in Columbus.
  • Humane education instruction to the public and in our schools, teaching the fundamentals of kind, compassionate and responsible pet ownership and bringing people and animals together.

We are People Helping Animals, Animals Helping People.