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After Your Pet’s Surgery |

How can I control my pet’s pain after the surgery?

Numerous studies show that pets – just like humans – heal faster when they’re relieved from pain. PAWS can administer extra pain medications if needed or requested. Never administer human pain medications on your own. Human medication can be fatal to animals.

How soon can I feed my pet after surgery?

It’s usually best to wait a few hours after arriving home to offer water and a small amount of food if your pet has same-day surgery. Kittens and puppies under four months of age will need to eat sooner, to avoid a drop in blood sugar.

Do I need to come back to have the stitches removed? If so, when?

The sutures that that we use will dissolve on their own after the surgical incision has healed so a return visit isn’t necessary. Also, you will notice a blue or green line on the belly of your animal, this is a tattoo to signify that the animal is altered. It may fade over time, but will not fully go away