Passed By Pets

We need your help! These adorable pets are available for adoption, but for one reason or another, have been in our care the longest. While our average length of stay is usually around 35 days, we do have some animals that have been passed by for more than 90 days, making those pets our longest term residents. If you wish to meet any of our long term residents, please drop by during our hours of operations: Monday-Friday 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Sunday 12-5 p.m. For more information, please call 706-660-5920 or email

    • dsc_9897Tiny

      This is Tiny, our larger-than-life orphan, with an equally large personality. Tiny is a four-year-old Cane Corso and is absolutely beautiful. She does have some definite preferences when it comes to things she enjoys. Tiny loves blankets, soft toys, scarves, and purses. She is a total girly girl. Despite her size, Tiny is very gentle and sweet, although she can be stubborn on a leash. Some may wander why an awesome dog like Tiny is still at PAWS Humane. Well, the reason is that Tiny has Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI). This means she can’t properly digest her food, and she will need medicine for the rest of her life. Unfortunately, the medicine is costly, approximately $46 per week. With the  medicine, Tiny will be as happy as any other dog. Tiny’s future family will have to take on her medical care. What they will get in return will pay them back a million times over.

    • mika-webMika

      Please allow me to introduce you to Mika. After being found as a stray from Columbus Animal Care and Control in August of 2016, Mika was transferred to PAWS Humane. In Mika’s more than 180-day stay at the shelter, the staff and volunteers of PAWS have gotten to know our adventurous girl pretty well. We have found that Mika has a passion for tennis balls and playing fetch. Sometimes, she even gets a little too passionate, and we have to remind her that sharing is caring. But honestly, who could blame her? It’s the one thing in the shelter she feels is truly hers. Mika also loves to be active and would make a great running buddy. While our sweet girl gets along great with humans, it does take a moment for her to warm up to other dogs in the shelter. Mika is a loyal gal who is ready to find her one and only home. She promises to give you all the love you desire in return. Mika’s adoption fee is $75. She is spayed, up-to-date on vaccines, and microchipped.

    • dsc_0243Fritos

      Set Fritos Free! Fritos is a loving almost four-year-old Retriever mix who has been at the shelter far too long. We’ve learned a lot about Fritos in her more than 330 day stay at PAWS Humane. Here’s the truth about our sweet girl. She loves all toys, especially tennis balls. She even enjoys playing catch. Fritos will retrieve the ball, bring it back to you, play with it for a second, and then drop it for you to throw again. This is one of her favorite hobbies. Also, you might say Fri Fri (as we occasionally give our dogs nicknames) is a water dog. She had a blast during summer time splashing and bobbing for treats in her baby pool. We have noticed that Fritos is much more comfortable around people in her inner circle, so she will need continuous training to warm her up to strangers. If you are thinking about adopting a dog, please stop by and meet this cute, slobbery, sweet Brindle baby.

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